MZ Group Unveils IRShareflow

IRShareflow is an interactive web-based visualization tool for monitoring and evaluating shareholder activity in conjunction with stock trading and corporate events.   This powerful platform combines stock trading, corporate events, and investor activity in “real-time”.   IRShareflow empowers corporate management with insight into the drivers of their stock, providing a visual understanding of important trends in shareholder makeup.

With IRShareflow, users can easily navigate through their company’s stock trading history and view purchases and sales by institutional investors, hedge funds, and retail investors dynamically as it relates to trading and events.  No other platform creates such a unique connection between trading, ownership change and events.

IRShareflow can provide clear answers to questions such as:

  1. Are there any major hedge fund accumulations in my stock?  (Activism concerns, meeting measurement)
  2. My stock underperformed on this trading session(s), who was holding it back? (or vice-versa)
  3. What percent of our volume is institutional activity?
  4. Did our presentation at a recent Investor Conference garner any institutional interest?
  5. A Sell-Side analyst just initiated coverage or downgraded my stock– who reacted to it?
  6. Is the retail outreach program working?
Product Features:

Time Navigation Panel

Events & Events Detail

Data Table

Price/Volume – Close up

Institutional, Hedge Fund and Retail Activity

Shareflow/Money Flow/Percentage Traded

Panel Selector

Customized Export to Excel

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